SQL Replace

The SQL Replace function is used to replace every occurrences of a specified string with a replacement string.

SQL Replace Function Syntax

REPLACE(string_original, string_search, string_replacement)

The SQL Replace function will replace every string_search in string_original with string_replacement.

Note: If any of the string expression is NULL, the function returns NULL. If no match found, the function returns string_original without change.

SQL Replace Function Example

Table: Employees

EmployeeId FirstName LastName Department
1 Mazojys Fxoj dev
2 Jozzh Lnanyo dev
3 Syllauu Dfaafk dev
4 Gecrrcc Srlkrt dev
5 Jssme Bdnaa dev
6 Dnnaao Errllov dev
7 Tyoysww Osk dev

Select all the employees, replace dev with development in Department:

SELECT EmployeeId
             , FirstName
             , LastName
             , REPLACE(Department, 'dev', 'development') AS Department
FROM Employees

The result will look like:

EmployeeId FirstName LastName Department
1 Mazojys Fxoj development
2 Jozzh Lnanyo development
3 Syllauu Dfaafk development
4 Gecrrcc Srlkrt development
5 Jssme Bdnaa development
6 Dnnaao Errllov development
7 Tyoysww Osk development

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