SQL Hosting

SQL hosting is the hosting that provides the SQL database services. It has many SQL databases in the SQL hosting market, and the most popular are MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle.

Who Needs SQL Hosting

Basically, if you want to store and retrieve data from SQL databases, you need SQL hosting.

It has some advantages by using SQL hosting:

  • Your web application will be robust and scalable.
  • Your web page content will be more searchable in database.
  • It’ll be easier to maintain the web page content.
  • You can easily change the web application’s layout without touching the data.
  • You can easily use the same data all through your applications.

SQL Hosting Comparison

It has different SQL databases in the hosting market, you may need to choose one according to your requirements. Following is the basic comparison for your quick reference.

SQL Database Windows Unix/Linux Expense Note
MySQL Yes Yes Free
SQL Server Yes No Not Free
MS Access Yes No Not Free for small websites
Oracle Yes Yes Not Free

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