The SQL SUM() function is used to get the total of a column or an expression.

SQL SUM() Function Syntax

SELECT SUM(ColumnName)
FROM TableName
WHERE predicates

SQL SUM() Function Example

Table: Employees

EmployeeId FirstName LastName Department Salary
203 Yilfaee Uyfda Finance 88000
204 Bklda Ylafaea Finance 51800
205 Qfajfda Nhjda Finance 47000
206 Opad Xjkdl Finance 62300
302 Hgjfdkl Bkldfa Development 95000
303 Uiofda Whfdjks Development 35000
304 Pids Vcds Development 41000

Example 1
We want to know the total salary of all the employees:

SELECT SUM(Salary) AS TotalSalary
FROM Employees

The result will look like:


Example 2, using GROUP BY
We want to know total salary for each department:

SELECT Department, SUM(Salary) AS TotalSalary
FROM Employees
GROUP BY Department

The result will look like:

Department TotalSalary
Finance 249100
Development 171000

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