SQL Create Table

SQL table is a place where the SQL database stores the data. It has columns and rows. We can use CREATE TABLE statement to create a table in a database.


CREATE TABLE table_name
    column1 data_type [null/not null],
    column2 data_type [null/not null],
    column3 data_type [null/not null],

data_type is required.
null/not null is optional, if it is not specified, the default value is null.


We want to create a table Users which will store the user’s information: user’s ID, first name, last name, E-mail address, phone number, birthday.

We can use the following script to create a table “Users” in database:

    UserID int NOT NULL,
    FirstName varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    LastName varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    Email varchar(200),
    Phone varchar(50),
    Birthday Date    

The script will create an empty table which has 6 columns: UserID, FirstName, LastName, Email, Phone and Birthday.
The UserID, FirstName, LastName will not accept NULL value, when we insert or update a row in database, we must set the values for them. Email, Phone and Birthday can accept NULL value.

The new created empty table will look like:

UserID FirstName LastName Email Phone Birthday

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