SQL Alias

SQL Alias is used to organize the output, to make it easy to read and more meaningful. SQL Alias can be used with database tables or database table columns.

SQL Alias Syntax

SELECT T.Column1 AS c1, T.Column2 AS c2, T.Column3 AS c3, ...

SQL Alias Example

Table: Employees

EmployeeId FirstName LastName Department Salary
203 Marfg Fxun Finance 78000
204 Joznk Llnyo Finance 45800
205 Hasuu Kynuoo Finance 57000
206 Jkucc Qihha Finance 62000
302 Biee Uioooi Development 75000
303 Kmoao Astuu Development 55000
304 Pissue Koooi Development 49000

Select the total number of employees:

SELECT COUNT(E.EmployeeId) AS totalEmployees
FROM Employees AS E

The result will look like:


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